extension care

Feeling spicy with your new hair? Let’s chat about how to care for your extensions in you day to day life. Please read carefully as your hair will thank you later. Did we mention us too? Let’s protect your investment, Here we go-

Wash me
– Brush hair prior to showering to get rid of any tangles or matting- this ensures an easy cleanse & condition.
– Use sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. It sounds wild, but the less bubbles the better!
– For my gals who wait a week in between washes, double cleanse to fully clean that hair!
– With your finger tips, was scalp gently to help remove build up.

For the day you want to skip a full wash
– Separate your natural hair above your top row that you want to get rid of extra oils. tie the remaing of your hair you not washing in a secure pony with a scrunchie or clip.
– Lean over the sink, cleanse & condition your natural hair, style as desired.
– We recommend a weekly mask to strengthen & nourish you hair.
– Color treated gals use a toning shampoo no more than once every 2 weeks.

Leave the rest to us 😉 and my extension ladies, don’t even bother! We will take care of you and your hair at your tightening appointments.

Brush & style
– Using a wet brush, start from the ends of your hair and work your way up to the top.
– Easiest way of brushing:
Step 1- clip everything up except you natural hair underneath your bottom row, and start your brushing with that.
Step 2- down you bottom row and brush.
Step 3- drop your natural hair inbetween the row and brush.

Repeat the process until there are no more extension rows or hair to be brushed out.

– Use a good heat protectant before any heat.
– Rough dry your hair 80% of the way. Make sure to not tug on your extensions while blow drying, only use fingers for this part.
– Use a round brush and some tension to smooth your hair and finish off your blowout.
– This includes dry bars as well. It is important to let whoever styles your hair to not round brush your hair from the start of your blow dry.
– When wearing your hair in a pony or a top knot, I recommend gently pulling the hair attached to your anchor bead forward. This helps to release any tension on the end beads.
– After desired styling you already know- use that oil!

For the night
– Brush thoroughly and make sure there are no tangles or matting prior to going to sleep.
– Pump 1-2 pumps of clear oil and run it though those ends and brush from bottom to top.
– Sleep in a high bun or pony and secure with a silk or fabric scrunchie. (Make sure you are not using elastic hair ties)
– Sleep on a silk pillow case.

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our favorites

Shampoo and conditioner
– Mr. Smith hydrate
– Davines momo

– Unite 7 seconds
– It’s a 10 leave in 

Blowout spray & oil
– Color Wow
– Kendra blow dry spray
– Davines oi oil 

– Unite 7 seconds
– It’s a 10 leave in 

Blowout spray & oil
– Color Wow
– Kendra blow dry spray
– Davines oi oil