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our story

Wanna hear about our story? Pour yourself a glass and settle in…

Our goal is to be different than any other salon experience prior to coming to Eight Six Zero. Our vision is to provide top of the line services, an enjoyable and creative environment, as well as quality conversations for guests to recharge. We choose to be different by paying attention to detail, growth, and priorities not only in professional life but personal life. We aspire to be a spark of inspiration for people and anyone who our salon reaches. We want to feel expensive and luxurious without being uptight and… you know the rest ;). This is a space for people to feel themselves, to feel loved, and empowered. Our job is to enhance their natural beauty and to never diminish or cover it up.

The dream of Eight Six Zero was imagined in 2016, when Payten [Owner of Eight Six Zero Salon] was 19 years old and fresh in cosmo school. In her small kitchen at home She would ask friends and family to let her practice after school all the new techniques she was learning. Scary right? Well… their sacrifice of having great hair slowly paid of because in 2020, that vision came to life. Through a year of pandemic, stress, and not knowing what the future held, she got a call that would change the course of her life- forever. Why Eight Six Zero? The name came from the house number of her childhood home where she was given the opportunity to make her dreams a reality. The name of the salon is directly an appreciation to those who believed in her future and wanting to honor their sacrifice to help her grow.

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the team

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about me

Raised in Northern California, Payten has grown up with an old soul that impacted her day to day life. With love for the mountains, salty air, and beautifully adventurous sites Payten as adopted the vision of Eight Six Zero Salon to be just that. A place that sparks inspiration by brining detail and simplicity. She embodies being effortlessly messy and values organic authenticity. From tones, color, and style she wants everyone to feel like the purest version of their natural selves.

Payten has been a specialist in hair color and hand tied extensions for 5 years and is the owner of Eight Six Zero Salon. She has worked diligently and trained to provide the best quality of work and will continue to put forth her eduction to ensure that integrity. She strives to create a comfortable and enjoyable experience every time you sit in her chair. You are her priority with fun convos, a detailed appointment, and a chill vibe, you will leave feeling like a spicy new gal!